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Moving Hours: 8 am-6 pm DRAINS: Keep the drains clear (no grease, coffee grinds, eggshells, flushable wipes, or sanitary products, drains clog easily and cause backups and $$ TRASH: Large Items for trash can be dropped off after 2 pm on Thursday across the 600 Building (Friday Pickups) ARCHITECTURAL WORK (UNIT WORK) Any work being done to a unit needs an AR request. FINE: $200+$25 Daily PETS: Walk Pets at the designated areas, and Please pick up after your companion PARKING: Visitors parked for more than 24 Hours need a temporary parking pass, contact the office 3 Quarter Ton Trucks, Max Size permitted on the property. AMENITIES: Indoor: Community Room/Guest Room Outdoor: Pool/BasketBall Court/Playground COMMUNITY PAINT COLORS: Door Paint Color (Softer Tan SW6141) Door Trim Paint Color (Fireweed SW6328) T1-11 Paint Color (VanDyke Br. SW7041) UNIT OWNERS: Provide a copy of your Key to the office Each unit is assigned one parking spot Trash and Recycling (Monday and Thursday) Unit owners are responsible for: • Windows, Glass, and Screens (repair/cleaning) • Door to Unit (Including Paint) Locks/hardware • Patio/Balcony non-structural issues, snow removal • Snow removal from vehicle • Breaker Box (in unit and in common area • Gas Meter for unit • Interior plumbing • HVAC System (Heater/AC) • Appliance and figures in individual unit

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